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Restoring hope to the hopeless

Kichwamba Orphanage Foundation (KOF) is a charitable organization in Rubirizi district Uganda, registered with the government of Uganda. Our aim is to help elevate orphans, other vulnerable children and elderly whose parents and guardians died from the wildlife attacks, anti-poaching ranger patrols, HIV/AIDS scourge, wars and poverty into improved and better lives through care, education and empowerment.

Our work started in 2018 with 40 orphan children and we have now grown overwhelmingly to over 150 orphans of all ages starting from 3 years old. Our dedication is to support these kids until they can support their lives independently, possibly after attaining reasonable education and a job for their living and support to their community.


Join our team and have an immense experience and a touch of transformation taking place in the foundation by physically participating in the life changing activities being carried out at the orphanage.

Volunteering is the best way our friends can get to feel the firsthand experience of the orphan’s lives with activities ranging from outreaches, missions, educating and sensitizing. Be a life changer by coming alongside us in a mission trip to help support many of our programs and activities. 


At a fee of $50 per month, child sponsorship is very possible and with such and more, we are in position to create lasting impact for a child at our orphanage. With this amount, we will have changed lives by providing education, food, clothing, and medical care for the children.

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