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Souvenir such as art and crafts are usually the best souvenir to carry home with you to keep memories of your visit to Uganda. Purchase one of our locally made crafts in our orphanage and support the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children and elderly around our community.

All our crafts including baskets, carved items, drawings, greeting cards, jewelry, etc. are handmade. The crafts are made by our kids and experienced elders who pass their knowledge, experience and skills to our kids through mentorship. All the money from these items is used to feed, educate, and provide Medicare and other care needs for our orphans and other vulnerable people around the community.

Our craft shop is just within the orphanage in kichwamba, Rubirizi district. Buy an item today and join many who have educated, empowered, transformed and cared for our orphans and other vulnerable children in our community.

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