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Coffee tour is one of the experiences you cannot miss when in our community which is surrounded by coffee farmers. Many have tried it and have not failed to praise how this activity is spectacular. Uganda is a land of coffee and in western Uganda; Queen Elizabeth national park is the best place to experience a coffee tour.

During the tour, you will get to learn how the whole process of growing coffee seeds, production stages until the final stage of consumption or market stage. The process of making coffee are done manually and they involve stages of production like growing, harvesting, sorting, cleaning, secondary sorting, roasting up to the packing stage. Have a tangible experience by yourself and feel the taste of African coffee while supporting the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children and elderly in our community.

Arabica coffee is the type of coffee widely grown in our community and in Uganda at large because of its high demand in international markets compared to Robusta coffee which is grown on a small scale together with other crops like bananas, tree plantations, beans etc. for subsistence use. Note: Early bookings may be required.

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