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Uganda is home to rich diversity of African cultures and subcultures. One way you can feel and experience this part of Uganda’s endowments is by traditional cultural dances with our children in the orphanage. Your stay at the orphanage with us always ends with a thrilling and exhilarating cultural dance performed by our kids. Our dances are based on the tribes we have in Rubirizi district and those that neighbor us. One of the dances we perform is Kinyaruguru cultural dance, a dance valued and performed by the Banyaruguru, the dominant inhabitants of the area.

Kinyaruguru dance is a local cultural dance commonly danced in our community because it symbolizes and is a significant heritage to the Banyaruguru tribe, a dominant tribe in the whole district.  This interesting dance is danced by shaking the whole bums and twisting the bodies which helps Children and all participants get physical therapy and exercises. The dance also teaches people how they should live, and work hard in the communities for sustainable development of their economies.

Apart from Kinyaruguru dance, we also perform other cultural dances including among others Kiga dance, Kinyankore dance and Kiganda dance. This is a full buffet menu of cultural dances in Uganda, majorly western and central Uganda cultures that will give you the best of Uganda. All these dances are always danced in ceremonies like traditional marriages and whenever people are in happy moods of socializing with others while sipping their locally brewed beer.

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