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Our orphanage is also home to 52 crater lakes in Queen Elizabeth national park Uganda. You won’t find these kinds of twin lakes elsewhere in Africa except in Rubirizi just a few meters from Kichwamba orphanage foundation. Walk to the twin lakes with our trained kids, an exceptional experience that is worthwhile during your stay in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Walk and meet the twin lakes, lake Katinda and Lake Mirambi one of the most scenic crater lakes in Queen Elizabeth national park, Uganda. Mirambi is believed to be a male lake and katinda a female lake. These are the only lakes with a gender. Standing at the shores of these intertwined lakes will give you a marvel of Uganda’s beauty. Don’t miss hundreds of bird species when you visit these lakes.

These crater lakes were formed from vulcanicity and have since remained over years, offering the region with spectacular views and mind blowing stories. The local people have their beliefs about these lakes and on your visit, our guides and children will give you all the full package of history and local beliefs about twin lakes which will leave you wondering! Prior bookings are required.

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