At a fee of $50 per month, child sponsorship is very possible and with such and more, we are in position to create lasting impact for a child at our orphanage. With this amount, we will have changed lives by providing education, food, clothing, and medical care for the children.

Upon accepting to sponsor a child, we will give you access to the kid’s profiles so that you can choose a specific child you wish to sponsor. In the due term, you can always write letters to your kid(s) and a kid(s) too can write to you.

Because of the limiting size of our orphanage home, we came up with a campaign tagged “keep an orphan at school”. This campaign is meant to help educate those orphans whose single parents cannot afford to pay school fees or total orphans who are looked after by guardians or community Samaritans who can nolonger manage to take care of the child yet at the same time our orphanage cannot accommodate them for full care required. This external program renders orphans with necessities including; education inform of school fees and scholastic materials and clothes while staying with their single parents or guardian.

At a fee of $30 per month, you can be in position to sponsor a child under our external program.

For more information about our child sponsorship programs in our orphanage, email us at sponsorship@kichwambaorphanage.org

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