Restoring hope to the hopeless

Kichwamba Orphanage Foundation (KOF) is a charitable organization in Rubirizi district Uganda, registered with the government of Uganda. Our aim is to help elevate orphans, other vulnerable children and elderly whose parents and guardians died from the wildlife attacks, anti-poaching ranger patrols, HIV/AIDS scourge, wars and poverty into improved and better lives through care, education and empowerment.

Our work started in 2018 with 40 orphan children and we have now grown overwhelmingly to over 150 orphans of all ages starting from 3 years old. Our dedication is to support these kids until they can support their lives independently, possibly after attaining reasonable education and a job for their living and support to their community.

Being adjacent to Queen Elizabeth national park, we’re in the center of orphans who lost their parents to dangerous animals and anti-poaching ranger patrols, HIV/AIDS scourge and wars. 

Also, the government policy of conservation where people were chased away from their land for the gazetting of the national park left many poor, vulnerable and unable to afford basic necessities of life. The area is home to over 1000 orphaned children in addition to thousands of vulnerable children and elderly whose parents and guardians can’t afford a single meal a day!

Our support and care for orphans and vulnerable children in Rubirizi Uganda has provided the love, resources and security for them to be on the path to having a successful future and providing care back to their community. This is our joy, to turn the suffering into smiles by helping those who are helpless and to restore hope to the hopeless.


“I lost my Dad but I also gained a life-giving purpose” says our founder, Edison Kyagaba. Losing a father when he was just 2 months old in his mothers’ womb in 1992, Edison passed through a traumatic event. Born in a family of 8 children, his widowed mother was a peasant, unable to provide for the family’s basic needs including food, education, Medicare and clothing. To feed entire family, his mother worked in people’s gardens to get a little penny to buy food and other basics for the kids.

His school life was in meander – but by God’s mercy his school fees were paid by well-wishers and good hearted members of the community including providing for scholastic materials like books, pens and uniforms. He graduated as a grade iii teacher (primary teacher) in 2015, a profession he still loves till date.

“I have missed my Dad, his love and care intensely throughout my life. When my Mom told me that my Dad passed on, I felt angry and deserted. He left me behind! All sorts of feelings bubbled up and, in response to my ‘tsunami’ of grief, I began Kichwamba orphanage foundation in 2018” says the founder. Edison believes that, without good hearted people, he would not have grown or attained his studies and future. Kichwamba orphanage foundation has been founded with a mission of empowering, transforming, educating and caring for orphans and other vulnerable children and elderly in Uganda whose parents and guardians died from the wildlife attacks, anti-poaching ranger patrols, HIV/AIDS scourge, wars and poverty.

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